The Prestige Intensive Program for Ages 6+ is our full-time, competitive dance program. It is designed to provide a professional standard of training to the next generation of artists who are passionate about dance. Commitment, focus, hard work, and dedication are the foundations of this program.

In addition to providing high-quality dance training, the Prestige Faculty works hard to create a strong community atmosphere. The trust, care, and connection between the faculty and the Prestige students is of utmost importance to us as we work to instill values and qualities in our students that transcend dance.

The first step in joining this program, is to reach out to our team to schedule an audition. From there, our team will help register your dancer in the appropriate classes. Once registered, you will receive the Welcome Package by email with the calendar, dress code, and all other important information.


Monthly Training Fees Charged Based On Length Of Class
Monthly Training Fees  
30 minue class  $62.00
45 minute class  $81.00
60 minute class  $90.00
75 minute class  $104.00
90 minute class  $116.00
Monthly Training Fees Acro  
45 minute class  $84.00
60 minute class  $97.00
75 minute class  $111.00
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The Program Details

10 month dance training program in disciplines of your choosing {ballet is required for all dancers}

Choreography for the competitions is every other week from November to April Solo/Duo/Trio/Group routines at the recommendation of the Prestige Team

2-3 Calgary Competitions

1-2 Away Competitions {team building opportunity}

  • 4 competitions total including Calgary & Away competitions

Dance exams in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, and Acro {registered by the Prestige Team}

Participation in Dress Rehearsals, Extra Rehearsals, and Stage Rehearsals

Enrichment class opportunities available

No classes/rehearsals during Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, Family Day Weekend, Spring Break

Intensive Dancer Showcase

Year End Picnic & Celebration

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